We understand businesses and individuals require practical solutions to legal issues. We advise on Agreements, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Contractual Claims, and Employment matters.

Whether as an employer seeking to understand your employer rights or you are an employee looking for compensation from your employer. APL Law Corporation is the law firm in Singapore to help you on your employment issues, civil suits, defamation and other legal services. Please contact us directly for a further discussion.


We understand businesses and individuals require advice and at times practical solutions in the following areas:

• Bankruptcy and Insolvency
• Debt Collection
• Deed Poll
• Company Matters and Agreements (e.g. Partnership, Shareholders, Franchise)
• Contractual Claims
• General Legal Advisory Work
• Incorporation of Companies
• Landlord and Tenancy Agreements
• MCST Matters
• Power of Attorney



In our current society, employment issues have become more complex and a good solution to any dispute is a rest to the mind.

• Breach of contracts
• Employment contracts
• General Contracts



Immigration issues is also becoming more of a norm these days, and you may be faced with a few problems that may arise due to some personal and/or work-related circumstances. This is when we are able to assist you with your concerns.

• Foreign Immigration application
• Singapore Immigration application