Who is APL Law Corporation?

APL Law Corporation is a law firm established in Singapore. The lawyers are Mr. Arul Suppiah Thevar and Mr. Paul Suppiah.

Mr. Arul was formerly practising under the name and style of Arul & Co, a sole proprietorship and Mr. Paul was practising under the name and style of Paul Lim & Associates, a partnership. Both entities were actively operating for ten years prior to the incorporation of APL Law.

Our lawyers’ exposure to litigation and solicitor’s work have given them the right expertise to manage and advise varied clients according to their required needs - spanning across individuals, public and private sectors. We are capable of providing quality legal service in a wide range of practice.

The firm also actively deals with clients from foreign jurisdictions including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe and America. The firm also has affliation with HTLim & Partners in Johor, Malaysia.

We take effort in understanding our clients and establishing good client-lawyer relationship as it is an important factor for providing the right legal advice and solutions to our clients. We have experience in handling many disciplines of the law. We are able to deal with clients who need to converse in Mandarin including Chinese dialects, Tamil and Bahasa Melayu.

We provide a comfortable environment and you will feel at ease when meeting with our lawyers to discuss and seek advice for your legal matters.

We aim to try our best to assist our clients in achieving the appropriate settlement without compromising their needs.